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How to Join

These are times when it is very easy to ignore artistic and cultural experiences and realities that are different from our everyday realities.  But the arts have a redemptive power!  Come join with us in our effort to build a safety net for community-based arts and culture in our city of Mount Vernon, New York. The continuation of our work depends greatly upon investments by people like you. Please consider a contribution to the Triple Hill Arts Initiative, volunteer, or consider advertising with us.

Membership Form

___   $25:Helps to get the word out into the community through our newsletter.
___   $35: Allows a child to participate in a community art class for free.
___   $60: Facilitates an artist workshop
___   $150: Helps pay for workshop materials
___   $10 "Keep up the good work!" contribution.

___   Sweat equity: I want to join your Initiative! I don't have the cash,
  but I can give you my time or in-kind services, volunteer
  with a workshop, or something else.







Please make checks payable to Triple Hill Arts Initiative.

Mail to:

Triple Hill Arts Initiative
c/o Donna Jackson
616 East Lincoln Avenue
Mount Vernon, New York 10552

Serving the artists and the community of Mount Vernon, New York